Why Buy Our Grills | Velox Grills

Why should I buy a Velox Grill?

  1. Velox has been manufacturing the most reliable food service equipment in the industry for over 40 years. We invented the concept of top and bottom heating and named it "Contact Grill Cooking." We are known for our outstanding quality and long-lasting equipment. Our equipment is built to operate 24/7 and it will not let you down.
  2. Velox has hundreds of pages of customer testimonials telling us that our machines are the best equipment purchase they ever made.
  3. Velox cooking plates are high performance.
    1. The cooking plates are cast aluminium, ensuring even heat distribution and faster cooking times.
    2. Heat efficiency in the cooking plates is maximized because heat is distributed evenly throughout, guaranteeing that there are no hot or cold spots and virtually no recovery time. Velox Grills have the highest watt density per square inch (square cm) compared to other grills. Other makes of grills with larger plates do not have this performance advantage - so, in this case bigger is not better.
    3. Velox cooking plates will cook a wide variety of products (meat, chicken, fish, sandwiches, eggs, etc.)
    4. Our Smooth and Grooved cooking plates are coated for easy cleaning. Whereas, when using cast iron plates a metal wire brush must be used for cleaning.
  4. Velox special-designed hinges allow the top plate to float vertically and laterally to cook any product up to 3½" (9cm). Even bone-in products will cook evenly and thoroughly.
    We do not use a spring-loaded top plate because:
    1. Springs lose their tension and must be replaced periodically.
    2. Springs will not allow the top plate to rise high enough to perform multiple functions.
    3. A spring-loaded top plate will not follow the product down for efficient cooking.
    4. Our free-floating, hinged top plate can be raised to 3½" (9cm) to accommodate the two spacers used for products of various heights (spacers are included with the grill).
  5. Velox combination of wattage and aluminium plates requires very little energy. For example, the approximate cost to operate the single grill (model CG-1) is only 15 cents/hour (10 pence) and the double grill (model CG-2) is only 30 cents/hour (20 pence).
  6. Velox grills are all stainless steel construction. They have a look of quality and durability, and they perform exceptionally well.
  7. Velox uses a 67.6 fl.oz (2 liter) large stainless steel grease tray. It is located behind the bottom cooking plate and is large enough to hold a full day of grease waste. The location of the grease tray is very important because it allows the operator to push the grease with the metal scraper away rather than towards the front of the grill. Location of the grease tray at the front of the grill could result in the operator being burned.
  8. Velox uses digital timers rather than manual timers on all of our grills. Digital timers ensure precise cooking times and eliminate numerous manual adjustments. The next product will cook in exactly the same time with the press of one button.
  9. Velox has a 2 5/16" (6cm) airspace below the bottom cooking plate and the chassis so that electrical components in the chassis will not be subject to excessive heat. A cooler chassis gives longer life to electrical components and allows the grill to be safely used on any counter top.
  10. Velox offers a combination of Smooth or Grooved cooking plates.
  11. Velox offers a 2 Year Warranty. Our grills are dependable because every component is of the highest quality.
  12. Tastier, more succulent foods - Short cooking times and direct heat from the lightweight, self-adjusting upper grill plate create a searing effect that locks in the natural juices, thus improving both taste and quality. Due to this cooking concept, meat shrinkage is greatly reduced and high nutritional value is retained.
  13. Greater versatility - Performs equally well with fresh or frozen foods. Rare, medium or well-done products can be cooked simultaneously, allowing the operator to COOK TO ORDER a wide variety of foods without sacrificing the quality.
  14. Velox's durability, consistency of cooking performance, and reliability are unmatched.