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We have 2 grills at our cafe. Absolutely one of our most valued pieces of equipment. Can't say enough about them.

Coffee House, Fort Langley, BC

The greatest piece of equipment I have ever had the pleasure of using. It is fast, durable and has never let us down.

Deli, Winnipeg, MB

Best machine, paid for itself the first month. Easy to train staff to use.

Health spa & gym, Vancouver, BC

We have a Velox grill in each of our three stores and find that the grill have been one of our best investments.
Our customers just love our omelettes and grilled chicken.

Bagel shops, Calgary, AB

Have been using the grills for 7 years and the end result is the food looks better and taste better and not to mention it saves me a load of cooking time. Easily the best way to cook.

Bowling Centre, Moncton, NB

Great machines!! I have machines in all my stores in Toronto. Tough, Dependable and Versatile. I love them!!!

Restaurants, Toronto, ON

Bought one 15 years ago or so. Worked it hard. No problems whatsoever. Highly recommend the company. They answer their phones and respond to requests.

Restaurant, St. John's, NF