Grill Bags®

The Smart Way To Cook and Serve a Sandwich

Grill your sandwiches right in the Sandwich GrillBags®.

Ready-to-serve or hold in a hot deli case.

It's So Easy!

Simply insert a sandwich into the transparent GrillBag®
and cook on the grill like any other sandwich.
It will cook perfectly in the bag, hot, browned and tasty.

Cooking times on the Velox® grill are the same with or without GrillBags®
and our Sandwich GrillBags® work on either
smooth or grooved cooking plates.

No labor time involved in cleaning the grill.
Grill stays clean and ready for the next sandwich.

The food service industry has continued to use our
Sandwich GrillBags® since 1995.

Our customers recognize their value and appreciate their convenience.

Speed, Quality and Turnover mean more profit for you
and greater satisfaction for your customers!

Note: When using GrillBags®, do not exceed 400° F cooking temperature.

GrillBags® are available in standard sizes:

7" x 9½" and 6" x 13" (2,000 bags per box)
or can be made to your size specifications.

Please contact us for further information at 1-800-237-4766.