Questions & Answers

Will I be able to cook more than a Panini sandwich on the grills?

Velox is the only grill that allows you to cook a variety of food items. For example, Omelettes in 20 seconds, Fried Eggs in 1 minute, Salmon Steaks in 2 minutes, Chicken Fillets in 1½ minutes, Steaks in 2 minutes, Grilled Sandwiches in 1 minute, Panini Sandwiches in 2 minutes, Crepes in 20 seconds, etc.

After I cook a particular food item, how long will it take to get back up to temperature?

Velox grills are the only grills with even heat distribution on both top and bottom plates. The answer is that there are virtually no recovery times.

Can I cook frozen foods on the grill?

Velox grills offer that option. Just increase cooking times and lower the grill temperature.

Will I need a metal wire brush to clean the cooking plates?

Velox does not use cast iron cooking plates; therefore, they are easy to maintain and no wire brush is needed.

What is the maximum product thickness that could be cooked?

Velox is the only contact grill that can cook thin products like crepes or bacon and products up to 3½" (9cm) thick.

Are there different height adjustments for different size products?

The lightweight upper cooking plate self-adjusts to the shape of the product. Two spacers (a sandwich spacer and middle frame spacer) are also included with the grill.

Does the bottom of the hot cooking plate come in contact with the controls?

Velox is the only contact grill with an airspace of 2 5/16" (6cm) between the cooking plate and the controls. This space protects and extends the life of the controls and keeps the chassis cool. The machine can be placed on any table top.

Are the grills equipped with timers to indicate when the products are done?

Velox uses digital timers that are very easy to operate. Simply position timer dial to required cooking time and press the start button. Some manufacturers do not install timers on their grills.

Will I have to cook food ahead of time for rush times?

No, Velox grills cook so fast and maintain heat so well that it's not necessary to cook ahead of time. You will always have hot, fresh food for your customers, cooked to order.

What are the operating costs of the grills?

Depending on the model, the approximate running costs are only 15-30 cents/hour (10-20 pence/hour) on the CG-1 & CG-2 models.

What is the heat up time?

Approximately 10 minutes.

Does the grill have to be on all the time?

No, you can lower the temperature and then when needed, bring it back to cooking temperature in approx. 3 minutes.

What accessories are included with the grill?

Will the grill heat up my kitchen?

No, unlike open, flat grills that produce a lot of radiant heat in the kitchen, the Velox top plate can be kept in a closed position to drastically reduce the heat loss.

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