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What our customers say:

Dublin, Ireland
Sarasota, Florida
Burlington, Canada
"We have been using the Velox grills since 1995 for our omelette breakfast bagels."
Toronto, Canada

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“The best product I have ever purchased. Marvellous piece of equipment.”
Piano Bar, London, England
“ We have been happy with our Velox for the last 12 years. We could not be without it.”
Deli, Tampa, Florida
“ I bought 10 machines. It was the best investment I ever made, it's so fast.”
Restaurants, Trinidad, West Indies


Welcome to Velox Grills: Home of commercial High-Speed Contact Grills, Panini Grills and Waffle Machines.

Velox High Speed Contact Grills and Panini Grills

Home of commercial High Speed Contact Grills, Panini Grills and Waffle Machines. Where the Finished Product Makes the Difference!

Over 40 years ago we developed the technology for high speed contact grills, a system which efficiently cooks both sides of a product simultaneously with no turning required. Velox high speed contact grills are manufactured under the most rigorous standards for quality and dependability. Today, Velox Panini press, Sandwich press and Toastie press and our range of High Speed Contact Grills are still the industry choice for excellence.

When purchasing high speed contact grills and panini grills, go with proven quality to stay ahead of your competition. Go with Velox grills where our engineering has stood the test of time for over 40 years.

Velox High Speed Contact Grills, Panini Grills, Waffle Machines

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